I have been working as a coach for over 7 years and my coaching is always practical and tailored for the individual's own situation, needs and aims. My style is friendly and informal; however, I am not afraid to challenge or give honest feedback.

Tracy Shuff


Career Coaching

Enabling individuals to make the most of their current career.

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Executive Coaching

Helping individuals become more self aware to reach their full potential.

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Team Coaching

Enabling team members to work together more effectively to accomplish career goals.

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Interim Management

Interim Management can be a highly rewarding and satisfying career choice. But what skills do you need?

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The Imposter Phenomenon

Why you may feel like a fraud, and some tips to help individuals overcome some of the negative symptoms.

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Purpose of Team Coaching

The use of self is a difficult concept to describe, but it can be a very effective tool in a coach’s kit bag.

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