I have been wanting to write a guide to finding a new job for some time and thought it would be great to include advice from some of the hundreds of individuals that I have coached over the last 10 years. So I reached out to my networks and asked them for some practical advice, the sort of things they may have shared with friends or family going through a career move. I was overwhelmed with the response and, in light of the uncertainty of the job market and wider economy, I have decided to get this advice to the market quickly by putting it in bite size chunks covering:

  • Confidence and mindset when faced with a job/career change
  • Understanding values, drivers and areas of expertise
  • Options available including contracting and consultancy
  • Personal branding
  • Writing an effective CV
  • Getting the most from LinkedIn
  • Working with recruiters
  • Making best use of your network
  • Putting together an effective campaign plan
  • Keeping motivated
  • Self-Employment
  • Interview preparation
  • Retirement

Feel free to share the se guides to anyone you think will benefit or, even better, let me have their email address and I can include them in the regular updates. If you would like personal advice please contact me on 07917 875865 or email me

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