Team Coaching

Enabling team members to work together more effectively.

In an ideal world, teams will work together as a single cohesive unit, utilising the skills of each team member. However, the reality is often very different and a team will comprise of a series of individuals with their own agendas, objectives and values.

Team coaching is used to improve some specific aspects of team performance, make things happen faster or make things happen differently.

How we can help the team:

  • An improved understanding and ownership of team priorities, resulting in a greater commitment and a sense of shared purpose.
  • Better understanding of team process, shining a light on unwritten rules and behavioural norms which creates opportunities to bring about conscious change
  • Identification of barriers to performance such as recognition being based on individual performance or conflicting goals within the team.
  • More meaningful dialogue between the team members resulting in greater trust and collaboration, with team members gaining a greater understanding of the contribution that everybody can make to team objectives.
  • The creation of a coaching culture within the team.
  • Impact beyond the team and improved team reputation.

Team coaching is more than a one-off team building or team facilitation intervention. Rather it is more in depth, getting into the heart of team behaviours and interactions and is aimed at medium and long term changes rather than short term goals.

We can help where a new team is being formed to ensure they are effective from day one or with teams who have been together for some time that need to regain their energy, focus, creativity and enthusiasm.

"Through a series of 1:1 conversations and team coaching sessions Tracy provided us with a safe space to raise and begin to tackle some of the issues we were facing as a team. She was brilliantly able to engender trust and was warm and personable while also being highly professional. We’ve taken some significant steps forward as a team already thanks to Tracy, and she has helped us lay the groundwork to become even more effective and high performing in the months and years ahead."

"A lovely calm approach to her work that makes you feel at easy straight away. You know the session is likely to be challenging but with Tracy’s skills to get to the fundamental issues you know that you will guided through the process with integrity and honesty"

Clients Include